Career Oriented Services

Our Career-oriented services included Career Counselling, Career Coaching, and Career Development.

While these are not three different services, these are certainly three different aspects of a continuum. And, as such, we offer our services to you separately and as a combined whole, to suit and meet your individual and customised demands.

Career Counselling

While traditional Career Counselling draws its expertise from years of experience and somewhat from the superficial knowledge of the career paths, we approach Career Counselling differently. We are more internally focussed on clients. We leverage our expertise on personality analysis, and use advanced personality analysis techniques to explore career opportunities with and for you. This method is by far the most superior and sophisticated approach, as it focuses on your strengths, to map a career path for you. We do a predictive analysis of what career paths are most suited, rewarding, enriching, and engaging for you. Such a career path which is matched with your skills, strengths, interests, and personality optimises your success, satisfaction, and happiness. Our Career Counselling is more process driven, where we support you to make informed decisions.

Career Coaching

We also offer Career Coaching service for those who’d like to continue with our services after the initial engagement in the form of Career Counselling. It’s about keeping the relationship going, to offer additional support with guidance, advice, and optimised résumé writing service, cover letters, and networking techniques, through LinkedIn profiles, and associated services. Our Career Coaching offers a more solution-oriented approach, where we take steps with you to help you achieve your career goals and objectives.

Career Development

Our Career Development services are open to both students and professionals. Obviously, we’ll have more time with interested students, but we keep our services open to professionals who’re mulling a career change. Our Career Development Services is about developing your skills, ranging from speaking skills, writing skills, presentation skills, math skills, analytical skills, memory, confidence, personality, to associated aspects wherever there may be gaps, and also with technical skills wherever applicable.