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Based in Kolkata, India, we are a Career Oriented, Personality Profiling, Skill Management & IT Services company.
We also have operations in Sydney, Australia and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Services

We offer a wide spectrum of services to help our diverse customers around the globe.
We enjoy working with individuals as well as groups to improve overall skills and efficiency to maximize their potentials.

Personality Analysis

Based on psychometric tests its suitable for both individuals and corporate

The Self-Study MBA

Customize your own business administration skills at your own pace and friendly budget

Career Oriented

Finding the right fit for individuals looking for directions

Skill Management

From time management to professional management and beyond

Make Me a Genius / Polymath

A unique program to make your child a genius / polymath

Web & Mobile Devs

We offer one-stop solution for all custom web and mobile application demands

Recent Works

Highlighting few of our recent works from different services that we offer

Branding Solution

Branding Solution

We provided branding solution to a business organization matching their requirements and taste

personality analysis

Personality Analysis

We did successful psychometric profiling for individuals to help them better understand their strength and weakness to excel in career

Magento Ecommerce website

Magento E-Comm

We did couple of Magento E-commerce projects recently with various Payment Gateways, one in Australia and another in Bangladesh

Responsive Design

We are expert in responsive design aka mobile friendly design to optimize for different screen sizes


Content Writing

We finished an assignment on technical content writing for a client selling engineering products online

Graphic Design

We finished a designing project for a client with unique creative output

personality type

Personality Type

A combination of psychometric analysis tests done on individuals

Web Application

We did a complex web application for a client in Australia to collect electronic consent and also payments

Get Insight with Clarifty About Yourself

Your awareness about your personality is a predictor of your happiness in life, both personal and work-life. We specialize in the most advanced personality profiling techniques, offering you with a wide range of options to give you more insight into yourself, and about your relationship with others. Each profiling technique offers an insight into a specific aspect of your personality. We offer a wide variety of profiling methodologies to meet both individuals and corporate needs.

Customise Your Own MBA Experience

MBA is not the monopoly of B-Schools and those who’re willing to pay $ 200,000; it’s not. Don’t do an MBA program, be an MBA – a master of business administration. You can master all management concepts and business principles, with a smarter choice. Engage in a unique and the best General Management and Business experience - 'The Self-Study MBA', 'The Know-all, Do-all, Be-all, and End-all of Management Education and Business Expertise'. Be an MBA, without the debt. Customise your own MBA experience with us at $ 10.79 to $ 2499.99.

Finding Right Answer for Your Career

Our Career Oriented services is based on advanced personality profiling techniques, with a predictive analysis of what career paths are most suited to you. A career matched with your skills, interests, and personality optimises your happiness, satisfaction, and success.

When You Care for Your-Self and Your Child's Growth

We offer a wide range of services to cater to various needs, for you and your children – Time Management, Stress Management, Memory Training, Chess and Rubik’s Cube Coaching (esp. for children), Secrets to Unlocking Learning Potential, Speed Reading Skills, Language Learning Skills, Make Me a Genius (for all, esp. for children and teens), Make Me a Polymath (for all, esp. for children and teens), and Improving your Speaking, Writing, and Presentation Skills, etc.

Helping Your Child to Grow Fully

The philosophy behind this program is simple – the now well proven hypothesis that ‘Genius are made, not born.’ We have different strategies to cater to the need of children at different ages. To reveal a little secret a genius equals work and fortunate circumstances. If children could, they would never miss this opportunity. Unfortunately, children can’t decide for themselves, you’ll have to take the step on their behalf.

Tapping into Uneding Potentials

Nurture and optimise the potential in children, and you’ll be surprised at what they can achieve. (Has a polymath ever been surprised with what he has been able to achieve? No! A polymath just had the right opportunities to realize, explore, and fulfil his inherent potential to achieve what he is eventually able to.) The problem is they are not getting the right opportunities. Blame it on the system, if you will. Here’s your opportunity to see your children as polymaths of the future.

Optimal Web Experience

We provide an one stop solution for your web experience building online. We develope websites, web application, e-commerce and mobile application. We have a team having expertise in information architecture, UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, seo and social media strategy.


Excellent service Sadiq! Metakave was the only company who was willing to do a small job for me. They gave a realistic quote that reflected the small size of the job, stuck to the amount they said and helped me sort out issues that arose. Quickly done, very professional and superb communication. Metakave has my business!

- Adrian Julitz, KindaBooks, Australia

Amazing Extension and unbelivable human service! For the price I paid, the value is more than perfect and as a web designer it gives me the ability to give a plus to my web designs.

- Noe, Web Developer, Mexico

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